Version 2 Why Giving Matters

Every element, from direct patient care to facilities, technology, programs and training, fits together to surround patients at EHMC with an uncompromising, seamless level of excellence.

Englewood Hospital and Medical Center (EHMC) provides state-of-the-art medical care each and every day. When you give to EHMC, you are making an investment that has a far-reaching effect, touching the lives of countless patients and families throughout our shared communities.

You can make a difference.


Direct Patient Care

Picture13The numbers speak for themselves — more patients than ever are choosing Englewood Health as their partner in healthcare. Deliveries have increased by nearly 20% percent and we are excited to welcome our tiniest VIPs to the family!

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Program Support

Picture14Care is not confined to four walls, especially at Englewood Health. The continued generosity of our donors helps us to not only grow in size, but strength, with keen focus placed on organizational leadership and community outreach opportunities.

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Facilities and Technology

Picture22State-of-the-art technology, new infrastructure and recruitment of top-tier experts – it is a new and exciting day at Englewood Health, with transformative changes leading to greater access and better outcomes for patients.

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